Lost/Found cats

For information on what to do regarding Lost/Stray/Found cats please visit cats protection by clicking HERE

Some information from cats protection website:

Lost, found and feral cats

Whether you’ve found a wandering stray cat, you’re concerned about your own missing moggy or you’ve found a feral cat, our quick guide will give you advice on what to do next.

Five important things

  • It is important to remember that even cats with a regular routine can disappear for days at a time – don’t panic!
  • Feral cats are the same species of cat as our pet cats, but are not socialized to humans – this means they behave like wild animals. Approach with caution
  • Make sure your cat is microchipped and the information is kept up to date. Your cat should be easily identifiable so that their owner can be traced
  • Stray cats found on the street aren’t always without owners. Before you do anything, it is important to check whether the cat is owned or not
  • If you’re worried about the health of a stray cat, call: USPCA 028 3025 1000

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